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2018 Results Click Here...... Thank you all for participating in SRISHTI 2018... Hope we can see on SRISHTI 2019..
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    As Innovation and entrepreneurship gaining more relevance, Saintgits college of engineering is organizing 'Srishti 2018', a 'National Level Technical Project Exhibition and Competition' in assiciation with "National Instruments (NI)" for students of Engineering Colleges.

    Srishti 2018 presents an opportunity for all talented students to showcase their innovative projects.This project exhibition is the ideal platform for industries and national organizations to feel the pulse of the students and empower the students in the field of innovation and technology .Srishti 2018 aims at initiating interest in entrepreneurial activities and encouraging young innovators to register for patents.


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Established in the year 2002,Saintgits College of Engineering thrive to expand human knowledge and benefit society through professional education integrated with Research, Creativity and Innovation.

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